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Our firm

Frazine Johnson Solicitors is a small practice established in 1994 initially in Harefield; moving to the current offices on Station Parade Denham in 2007.

Who we are

The Partners of the firm are Frazine Johnson who has been a solicitor since 1989 and George Curran who has been a solicitor since 1979.

Our attitude to you

We are experienced professional solicitors but we are approachable and adopt a practical attitude to our work; which is the conduct of your business.
We seek to be efficient in achieving your objectives.
We wish to communicate directly with Clients in a straight forward simple non-legal language.
Whenever legal expressions are encountered we will explain them to you.
We will also keep you informed of progress with your business.
We prefer to communicate with you and other solicitors/parties by the most speedy and cost effective means available. Therefore, we will seek to use emails if this is acceptable.